photo: VegNews

“Would you like hemp hearts with that smoothie?”

No, this isn’t a veg cafe. It’s a university’s athletic dining facility. And, that’s the future of lunch chatter.

As more plant based food is ingested, it’s slowly penetrating sports’ blood. Plant fed blood that the doc Game Changers deemed fluid and flowing. Blood that speeds up recovery and optimizes performance. Blood which improves muscle efficiency and reduces inflammation. To some, I may be beating the dead horse, but to the others, you may want to get off your high one.

Athletes can’t just survive without meat, they can thrive on plants. I’ll spare the science and say that animal protein ages us like a box of Franzia. Headed to the weight room with chicken breasts in your pocket? Muscle Milk in the fridge? You’ll get your happy insta story, but likely a sad eulogy.

Those once startling Sal Aunese stories (late 80s twenty year old Colorado QB who died of stomach cancer) are becoming more commonplace. Even if cancer, heart disease or some autoimmune isn’t scheduled to get us until we’re grandparents, cancel it now. But, winning is now? We want a touchdown in less than two minutes, a basket in under five seconds, a base hit this inning. That’s selfish. Most of us will stick around until the ninth inning of a game, but not many make the ninth inning of life.

Kids and adults alike follow our favorite athlete’s spoons. Without MJ Wheaties are just Total. And to the stubborn old men who curse at the athletes’ branding phenomena, curse the cupboard instead. The cheese kills more than just the Chicago Bears.

There’s hosts of athletes who have ditched the flesh and dairy. Cognizant of plentiful plant protein sources, Tom Brady and Venus Williams are in their fourth decade of breathing, but first decade of plant eating. They are more than privy to plants and their power.

Rich Roll is nearing Walgreens prescription pill bottle age yet runs Ironmans in a size Medium with the cholesterol of Popeye.

Universities strive to develop the person, not just the player. Give these girls and boys the right regiment, and they will serve not just general managers, but more importantly, the general public.

As coaching staffs piece for this prolonged purity and promise, push some plants. It may prime some present production.

May athletes cheat the meat before it cheats them.